Capacity Planning Software

Capacity Planning software is a form of packaged software used to capture performance and capacity data and store that data for use in reporting, analysis, and modeling. Many software vendors do their best to meet as many needs of their clients as they can, but it seems impossible for one product to meet all of a client’s needs. It can be a simple thing: one client looks at memory first, another at CPU first. Each would like their most common selection to be at the top of the menu. It can be more complicated: you gather your data from an existing framework solution for all systems and pass that data to your Capacity Planning software, except for Application X which is not supported by the framework solution. For Application X, you need another data collection method.

IT infrastructure gets ever more complex. It all started with mainframes, then companies moved to distributed systems, then to virtualization and cloud computing. Capacity Planning software that can manage the capacity of all of that, out of the box, is what is required - but does such a product exist?

Metron has a very flexible solution – athene® is Capacity Planning software that can be used out of the box to meet the majority of your needs and constraints and for those ‘hard to reach’ data sources there is the flexibility of bringing additional data in via athene’s Integrator.

Integrator can import any time-series numeric data for reporting, trending, and alerting purposes from other tools and platforms that store vital numeric data in log files or other sorts of time-series text files.

Talk to us about athene, Capacity Planning software that enables you to look at performance and capacity challenges from all possible angles, 360° Capacity Management.