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Senior Systems Manager, Insurance Company
"Working with Metron was of benefit to us, as it helped clarify our thoughts on our environment and what we would need from any Capacity Planning / Performance Management system."

Senior Systems Programmer, Insurance Company
"Previously we’d been very much in the dark and there’s a temptation to throw more hardware at a problem, without really understanding whether this will solve it. In fact, without the use of athene® software, we could have incurred significant expenditure."

Performance & Capacity Manager, Insurance Corporation
"The results of Metron's study provided me with the proof and the comfort that a relatively low cost and simple upgrade to our existing mainframe would certainly improve response times and would give the business and our development teams what they needed."

Infrastructure Manager, Government Department
"With the increasing number of systems which we’re installing and their importance to the efficient and effective running of the department, we wanted to support them with a computerized Capacity Management system, rather than relying on such basic methods as manual trend analysis and workload projections."

IS Program Manager, Government Agency
"The most important aspect of athene®, for us, is its use of graphics to represent complex data. It’s possible to see in an instant the results of any tests and therefore to make much faster decisions on what is the best course of action."

Capacity Manager, Government Department
"ActionLine support services are first class. The help provided by the staff is always very informative and very friendly."

Section Chief, Government Agency
"athene® allows you to model what will happen without spending a lot of time, resources and money."

Systems Engineer, Regional Government
"It would have been impossible, particularly in view of the short timescales associated with this project, to have assessed the two potential systems in such a 'numerically valid' manner, without the use of Metron's skills and their athene® software."

Technical Support Officer, Government Department
"ActionLine is one of the best support services we have experienced."

Lead Architect, Logistics Company
"This solution will provide us with a far more accurate view of the entire system and greater control over the infrastructure. For the first time we have a joined up approach to capacity management, we have the ability to capture a vast amount of data and all the data is in one place. athene® is an excellent capacity management solution."

Service Assurance Manager, Healthcare Insurance
"athene® is proving to be our ideal capacity planning tool. Without it we wouldn’t have the relevant tools either to manage our own internal systems or to be able to offer this new service... ...which is essential in this period of change and restructuring..."

Technical Support Manager, Printing Industry
"We’d originally just been looking for an alert system, but I realized that we’d be able to carry out a number of other important monitoring and forecasting activities using exactly the same data with athene®."

Capacity Planning Team Leader, Media Company
"The Planner application within athene® will allow us to assess which systems need to be replaced... ...and by which particular model, so that we can gain the optimum performance at the least cost."

Support Director, Media Corporation
"We don't have a dedicated department within house to tackle these issues, so the 'on demand' consulting service provided by Metron is an ideal solution."

IS Support Director, Media Company
"We’ve been very satisfied with Metron's work and will, no doubt, be working with them again."

Capacity Planner, Life Company
"We have to be able to ensure that our systems are available and that response times are fast. If the system fails to deliver the standard of service expected by customers, they will simply go elsewhere. As is so often stated, when you are dealing with web business, you don't get a second chance. In my view, Capacity Planning and Performance Management will become ever more key to the growth and success of an organization."

Performance & Capacity Manager, Financial Institution
"This most recent study was undertaken with the professionalism, care and understanding of our business that I have come to associate with Metron."

IT Services Manager, Media Corporation
"Performance Management and Capacity Planning services from Metron ensure that we have a detailed understanding of our systems, how they are behaving, how they are likely to behave in the future and the actions we need to take to guarantee a consistently high quality service to our users."

Capacity & Performance Manager, Insurance Group
"Automation and overall reliability are key features of athene®, together with the ability to deliver web-based reporting."

Capacity & Performance Architect, Outsourcing Solutions provider
"If we’d been faced with all these problems and didn’t have access to athene®, we would have had to do much of the work manually. This would have included pouring over a phenomenal number of metrics trying to understand them. Using athene®, it’s all been carried out automatically. It’s very flexible, easy and intuitive, to use."

Data Network Manager, Telecommunications Service Provider
"In a business such as ours, it’s simply unacceptable to have abortive attempts at an upgrade. We have to drive down the possibilities of failure to virtually zero, and in my opinion, using one of Metron’s consultants to work with us on this significant project, was one more way of ensuring that we achieved this goal."

Data Network Manager, Mobile Communications
"Planning the capacity of the networks is crucial to the successful delivery of new products to the marketplace and to their on-going acceptance."

Capacity Planning Manager, Telecommunications Corporation
"Data collection was an essential part of our requirement. The solutions offered by the other companies would simply have provided the information on the data monitoring and collection as instant reports on screen. We needed to be able to collect the data, store it and then have the facility to ‘cut it’ in numerous different ways depending on the audience for the different reports."

Team Leader Capacity & Performance, Utility Business
"With the automated reporting and scheduling in athene®, we simply decide which metrics we want to collect for each machine, specify how the resultant graphs should be presented, and schedule when and how often we want to see them. Now, the information is just sitting there waiting for us. We can start analyzing the data from day one of the month."

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