Dare to See It All with SharePath Application Performance Management Solution.

Broad Technology Coverage
SharePath empowers IT Operations to apply Application Performance Management to their entire application stack and is not limited to Java, .Net, and PHP applications. SharePath is used to monitor and trace through web-servers, proxy-servers, rich-clients, C/C++ based applications, VDI technology, service buses, and more.

Enhanced Granularity
SharePath keeps details of each individual user-request to ensure that even the most sporadic issues are identified and isolated. In fact, application-support teams use SharePath to search and analyze specific user requests when addressing user complaints or handling problems affecting specific users.

Independent Implementation
SharePath implementation doesn’t require any intimate understanding of the application and the application-code. IT Operation teams can implement SharePath independently on any application stack without being dependent Engineering or the Vendor.

SharePath Monitors
SharePath traces transactions through the largest variety of platforms and components in the Application Performance Management market including: Apache • IIS • Java • .NET • C++ • PHP • Windows • Citrix • Desktop Applications • Oracle Forms • Documentum • Linux • AIX • Solaris • HPUX.

What makes SharePath so powerful?
What makes SharePath so powerful?
Every single user activity, every single instance. No averaging, no synthetic, no sampling.
  • See Everything - Every user, every transaction, every hop
  • Distinct Transaction Instance Tracing
  • Traces through enterprise service buses from web to backend tier - Supports market standard ESBs such as IBM WMB (IIB) and TIBCO
  • Supports multiple endpoint technologies - Web, Mobile, Rich/Thick-Clients, VDI, Citrix
  • Complete application discovery and mapping
  • Full support for users - Search for any user request and monitor individual users sessions
  • Zero-config implementation - Generic for all applications. No changes to application
  • Negligible overhead - Lightweight C based agent
Sharepath Sharepath Real User Monitoring

Real User Monitoring
Stop grappling in the dark with synthetic or code-level data. Measure the experience of 100% of your end users and get your first truly accurate real-time picture of application availability, response times and service level performance with SharePath.
  • Know the true user experience of all your customers
  • Monitor one or many applications all from the same place, at the same time
  • Share dashboards and reports all stakeholders can understand
SharePath automatically detects and tracks all application activity to create a real-time representation of the user experience click-by-click, hop-by-hop across the multiple applications, components, and infrastructure that make up your IT production environment.

Transaction Topology
Sharepath Sharepath Transaction Topology

SharePath Transaction topology mapping has now become extremely valuable.

It no longer just alerts of application slowness but illustrates an array of problems an application is experiencing almost immediately, from specific anomaly indicators such as total failed events, total exceptions to total method-level hotspots for every single node.

SharePath has the only full transaction tracing and mapping technology in the market. SharePath traces transactions across the entire IT stack, covering rich client desktop apps, browsers, mobile devices, Citrix servers, proxies, web servers, application servers, message brokers, databases, proprietary code, c/c++ native code, shell scripts, third party packaged apps such as Oracle Forms, Oracle Applications, Siebel, Documentum and much more.

Sharepath Sharepath Problem Isolation

Problem Isolation
Problem isolation is the biggest challenge facing today’s IT Operations teams. With frequent roll-outs and the accelerating reliance on virtualized and shared services, production environments are now so complex that hardly anyone can claim complete understanding of how any particular application behaves.

Using SharePath means you can:
  • Get alerts via email when applications underperform
  • Isolate problems quickly by tier, application, user, IP etc. or your own parameters
  • Compare current slow-downs with historical or baseline data
Code Visibility
Sharepath Sharepath Code Visibility

SharePath Code Level Visibility (CLV) provides deeper data about the production failures and bottlenecks associated with each and every method in your code. The lightweight agent technology adds very little overhead and can be deployed by anyone, requiring no prior development, code or application-specific knowledge.

  • Provides full code visibility for SQL statements and for calls to other external resources such as LDAP, Web Services, etc.
  • Provides full code visibility of the root cause of slowly performed (stalled) transactions
  • Captures deadlocks and unhandled exceptions and associates them with user requests
  • Associates application log messages and errors with end-user requests
Sharepath Sharepath Analytics

By visualizing workloads, usage and trends for your data center and application performance metrics, SharePath’s advanced analytics allows you to:
  • Identify bottlenecks across all layers to improve and optimize your end user experience and reduce current and future performance issues
  • Understand both infrastructure and shared services usage by application or transaction type
  • Find problems occurring in real-time by comparing recent minutes of activity to an hour or a day before
  • Isolate sporadic performance issues using sophisticated “Good vs Bad�? application and transaction behavior models
  • Understand application or transaction behavior changes across timeframes
  • Analyze stress tests by comparing application behavior under varying loads of concurrent users and throughputs to identify cross-tier bottlenecks.
Reports and Alerts
Sharepath Sharepath Reports and Alerts

By providing dashboards and data that everyone can understand, SharePath replaces cross-departmental confusion and service provider headaches with plain facts about where and why performance problems occur.

By detecting and tracking 100% of transaction as they move across multiple tiers, components and platforms within the technology stack, even the most isolated and intermittent problems can be found and fixed, sometimes before anyone has had a chance to notice. Designed primarily for IT Operations, SharePath can:
  • Alert you to problems occurring in your infrastructure real time
  • Identify and fix problems before support calls come in
  • Provide in-depth reports that are easy to understand and share with team members