Server Performance Optimization

Server performance monitoring allows you to determine whether your servers are delivering data and applications to the end user as expected, even when your application, database and environments change.

For example, as more concurrent users use an application, the load on your server can increase and if the server cannot cope with the demand then server performance is affected and end users will get a dip in service levels.

As a server performance tool, athene® can capture performance and capacity data from all the hardware resources that make up today's complex infrastructure and the data captured can then be analyzed, enabling you to determine what is happening and why.

By monitoring your server, you can determine whether the current workloads or system configurations need to be changed to handle the increased workload, whether the increased load is having no significant effect on server performance and even look in to the future to see what levels of increased workload your server can handle before there are any signs of service degradation.

This information allows you to make changes that can improve performance, such as adding more memory, moving workload, purchasing hardware, at the right time.

Talk to us about athene® and its server performance monitoring capabilities or contact our professional services division and organize a health check for your servers.

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