Virtual Capacity Planning & Management

Making sure server sprawl doesn't become virtual server sprawl

Surely there’s no need for Virtual Capacity Planning & Management after all didn't your move to virtualization correct all that?
Possibly not - Gartner has been warning of 'virtual server sprawl' for some time.

When planning for the future, the business should be the starting point.

Virtualization Capacity Management brings together the technology (what resources we need and when we need them) with the business (what we need to achieve and what it should cost).

Moving resources to where they can support requirements and similar activities will all be needed on a day to day basis.

Expected savings not as good as anticipated when virtualizing?
For some organizations there is already some disillusionment with virtualization. Capacity Management offers the tools and the processes to get the maximum benefit from virtualization.

Virtualization has rapidly become too important to business success to leave to chance. As a minimum any organization needs a clear window onto what is happening on a day by day basis. Where the business is today governs day to day decisions you are taking. Capacity Planning & Management is the link between the technical data you have and the knowledge of what direction the business wishes to take in the future.

Capacity decisions need to be made at a strategic level and must be made from a 'real' business perspective. What the business needs to achieve needs to be mapped onto the best technological option available to achieve it.

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